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†††† Apparently, the Bergen Community Regional Blood Center preferred the possible negative publicity of a lawsuit, the uncertainty of a trial, the (possible**) cost of an attorney, the need to prepare a defense, and the possibility of a judgment against them for the entire amount I was suing for, rather than offering me what I was entitled to.In the final analysis, it probably cost them much more than what I sued them for.Why their benevolent attitude?I leave it to the reader to ponder the answer.

†††† ** (I canít be certain, but it is possible that their attorney, L.P., volunteered her services because the Registry was working with her family, conducting donor drives for her nephew.)


†††† Prior to the HLA Registry Foundation getting involved with the Blood Center, the latter had a history of management and labor problems.Some of their employees had joined a labor union.They had a lengthy strike, regulatory problems, and a Management shakeup.Their CEO discussed all these things with us when he spoke to the Registryís employees about the merger.Eventually though, I believe the Blood Centerís employees decided they did not want continued Union representation.I have to wonder if it was treatment similar to that which I experienced that convinced their employees to seek Union representation in the past.If what I experienced is indicative of how their other employees are treated, I would not be surprised to see their employees joining a Union again in the future.In short, Iím not expecting to see the Blood Center being mentioned in one of those ďThe 100 Best Places To Work In AmericaĒ magazine articles, anytime soon.


†††† Blood banks serve a critical need.So do bone marrow registries.Itís unfortunate that such crucial services are being offered by an organization that in my opinion, does not treat their employees fairly.I would still encourage people who are eligible to donate blood or marrow to become blood donors or potential marrow donors.The good news is that there are other places for donors (of blood, marrow or money) to turn.There are over 100 bone marrow registries in the United States.There are also several blood banks in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area.†† Itís your blood (and marrow).Donate it to the organization that you feel does the best job.Competition (for your business, your blood and your money) is one of the things that make this Country so great.Iíll even concede that donating blood (or joining the NMDP) thru the Bergen Community Regional Blood Center is preferable to not donating at all.If you decide to support the Blood Center, tell them I sent you (Mad cows need not apply).After all, thereís no reason to punish the people that need blood transfusions or other blood products, just because of the sins of others.While youíre there, ask to speak with the Wizard, erÖ.I mean the CEO.If you have better luck than I did, and you get past his doorman, tell him you would like a copy of his most recent IRS 990 return.By law, they must allow you to inspect it.If, after looking through the return, you feel good about where their money is going, consider whipping out your checkbook and making a donation.Before you leave, ask him how they treat their employees.Feel free to mention this website.If you decide that you do not wish to support the Bergen Community Regional Blood Center, please consider making a donation directly to the National Marrow Donor Program.


†††† I believe that you can benefit from the bad, as well as the good things that happen to you.I think that is the case with me, regarding working for these two organizations.Certainly, I have some regrets, and would do some things differently if it was 1986 again and I had that opportunity.As the saying goes, ďIf I knew then what I know nowĒ.All things considered, I learned much during my years at the Registry, and I had many positive experiences while there.In time, Iím hopeful that the bad taste that lingers in my mouth will fade.


†††† I hope people visiting this website find my story informative.As I mentioned in the prologue, I would enjoy hearing from you, whether it is information relating to this story, your comments, questions, or anything else you wish to provide.Contact me here.





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